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At this junction, you must have one out of the many best book idea you intend writing on. But there are some things you’ll need to consider before writing that book of your dreams.

In this article, we’ll be looking at 6 things you need to know before writing that book of your dreams.

You Have To Create Time To Write Your Book

You’ll need to map out a specific time on your calendar to write your book. Whether you run a business or you have a 9-5 job.

An hour a day is a great way to start. You could get up at night and write in your sitting room or during lunch breaks at work you can sit at one corner of a cafeteria.

But no matter how busy you might be you just have to plan a schedule ahead of time.

Define your writing space

This simply refers to a place where you’re more relaxed and less distracted to write.

It could be a room in your house that you’re less distracted or a public place that feels private.

Some writers write very well in crowded areas even with all the noise because it feels more comfortable to them. So whichever rocks your boat, make it a date.

Have A Specific Audience in mind 

After settling on one book idea, you now know who you’re writing that book for. Make your research and be sure all the facts are correct.

For instance, as a teacher who wants to write a book on her subject of expertise, your audience will be your students and other students who offer that course.

This is because not everyone will read a book that doesn’t relate with them. Check out some reasons you need to write a book as a teacher in 2020

Gather your Writing Tools

Some writers prefer the use of pen and paper to prepare their first draft and later key it into a computer or pay someone to do so for them.

But most common method is to use the Microsoft Word Processor, that can easily be typed and sent to your editor.

If you feel more comfortable with a piece of paper and pen just remember you’ll still need a computer to make research.

Be Prepared For Minor Setbacks

Not to sound discouraging though but writing a book is a project itself, there’s bound to be some low moments.

There will come a time when you won’t feel like writing a anything only to find out there was a thousand words still inside you.

Other times you’ll ask yourself why you started writing that book in the first place. Just remember that gold has to pass through fire to become perfect.

Set Aside Some Money To Invest In Your Book

By now you must have invested most of your time and energy into this book you’ll be writing.

You’ll also need to invest some money in an editor to go through what you’ve written and make corrections.

Then a Graphics Designer who will design your book cover and mockup. This is what will mostly attract people to your book as people get attracted to beauty.

Don’t forget about publishing, it’ll be very economical if you get a publishing firm that’ll take care of all these including the printing and marketing of your book.

In addition to these, I’ll recommend you having a Facebook page specially for your books. Here you can create an audience that shares the same interest in books and the topic you’re writing on.

Whenever you run an Ad they’ll be notified of how your book is going and when your book will be out.

Now you’re ready to write that book. What else do you need to do before you write that book of your dreams? Share with us in the comment box below.