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Best Reading Websites for Kids

Best Reading Websites for Kids

Children learn to read at different ages. Some start to read as early as 6 years and others at much later ages. It doesn’t actually happen by magic. Children are influenced easily by their environments and exposures.

Some kids pick up faster due to their exposure and environment or even challenges that spur them to learn to read. This was the case with me. I had people who made me wish I could read by myself, so I started to show interest and got tutored early enough.

If you are a parent or teacher searching for an aid to train your child or students on how to read, then follow me through to the recommendations of reading websites for kids below.

How Can I Teach a Child to Read?

This is the question on the thoughts and lips of parents and literacy teachers. Training children to read and even read correctly is quite a task, so know that you are not alone on this journey.

parent and child reading picture book

To help your child read better and at an earlier age, start on time to provide a reader-friendly environment for them. Get them interesting picture books including ones with their favourite animations.

As a parent, if you can afford kids’ educational tablets, please get a good one for your child or maximize your phone, laptop, or desktop to expose them to reading websites for kids.

reading together with picture book

Back in the day, parents and teachers only had picture books to help them teach children how to read. But now the journey isn’t as difficult. We have lots of free reading websites for kids to learn with and from.

A mobile device user can find lots of free books & Apps for kids on their mobile online App store. These will help to provide a guide on how to teach a child to read. And most of these Apps can be downloaded for free so the kids can access and use them even when their mobile learning devices are offline. Whereas some others may require them to make direct use of the reading website.

reading websites for kids

The interesting thing about these reading websites for kids is that the engaging activities that back up the reading process inspire kids to pay attention to learning and ensures that kids have fun while learning. Even stubborn kids or kids who are challenged have shown great success in learning to read with the aid of these reading websites for kids. It’s more fun than stress and also helps to boost the creativity of a child.

Best Reading Websites for Kids

I have here some free reading websites that you can find very useful in teaching your child how to read.

  • Starfall
  • Funbrain
  • ABCya! 
  • Oxford Owl
  • Free Children’s Stories
  • Storyline Online
  • Readworks
  • Epic
  • Storyplace
  • Read to me
  • TumbleBooks
  • Monkeypen
  • Freekidsbooks
  • Barnes & Noble Free Kids eBooks
  • Amazon Free Kids eBooks
  • Hoopla
teaching a child to read


If you are searching for a free website on language, mathematics, and arts for preschool, kindergarten, and kids of different grades, Starfall is one of the best bets you have out there. It teaches basic skills in reading and writing. And unlike some free websites, doesn’t get your games and lessons interrupted by advert pop-ups.


Funbrain is an educational browser game website for children and adults. It was on this site that Diary of a Wimpy Kid was first published before being turned into a successful book series and movie franchise.


ABCya is a kids-friendly website that provides over 300 fun and educational games for kids at all learning levels and styles. It is designed to capture the interest of the kids to help them learn while having a lot of fun. It features games that are categorized by grade and subject, and also cover topics that encompass pattern recognition, parts of speech, typing, multiplication and so much more.

Oxford Owl 

“The Oxford Reading Tree is a series of books published by Oxford University Press, for teaching children to read using phonics. The series contains over 800 books” – Wikipedia

Storyline Online 

Storyline Online is a free global online reading website compatible with both children and adults. It streams videos that feature renowned actors and actresses as they read out loud children’s books alongside creatively produced animated illustrations. And the good thing is that it is available round the clock (24 hours a day) 


Readworks is a literacy website that you can maximize to groom the authority of your kids, pupils, or students in vocabulary, reading, and more. It is designed so that kids can listen along to texts and questions.

A child engrossed in learning online


Epic was a bit restricted to people outside of America. It’s an American kid’s reading platform recommended for kids from age 12 and below. Another thing you should know about Epic is that it requires a subscription. Today, Epic has grown into an award-winning subscription service, which gives millions of families and classrooms instant, unlimited access to thousands of books, videos, and quizzes from leading publishers to help kids everywhere read, learn and grow.


Storyplace is an e-library that provides kids with a virtual library experience equivalent to the exact services they enjoy in a visit to a physical library. It’s designed to be kids friendly whether being accessed with a mobile device or a desktop. 

Read to me

This also applies to the method of sparking reading interest in kids, by having story books read out loud by popular entities they admire.


This is a reading website for all. It features a curated database of children’s Ebooks for Elementary schools, middle schools, High schools, and even for educators.


Is an interesting literacy website that provides thousands of free children’s books for kids worldwide to download at will and read.

child reading from reading websites for kids


Just like the name suggests, it is a free colourful, and kid-friend reading website.

Barnes & Noble Free Kid’s eBooks

“Barnes & Noble free eBook collection for kids offers a large selection of free picture books, chapter books, and read-along eBooks for toddlers, as well as free fiction, non-fiction, and educational eBooks for young readers. It provides a ton of options for you and your kids to choose to read. You can browse by age or genre including fiction, activity books, bedtime stories, comic books, and more”. 

Amazon Free Kids eBooks

Provides lots of varieties when it comes to children’s books in different formats; audiobook, hardcover, and board book.


This is your public library reformed in a digital form and brought to life to serve you better even while on the go. Hoopla lets you access audiobooks, Ebooks, comics, and even music through your preferred device anytime and anywhere at a free cost.

best reading websites for children


Good parenting or being a good teacher can be portrayed in the performance of the kids under your care. I hope the reading websites for kids recommended above meet your search intent. Kindly feel free to share the website you find most useful in the comment section below.