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RSWCA First 2022 Prize Giving Award Presentation

RSWCA First 2022 Prize Giving Award Presentation

Just as earlier shared in the RSWCA Result Announcement post, the Rising Star Writing Competitions and Awards (RSWCA) prize presentation event has finally commenced. Starting with Livingsprings High School, Awoyaya, Lagos as the benefactor of the RSWCA First 2022 Prize Giving Award Presentation.

The Writer’s corner team was live at Livingsprings High School, Awoyaya, Lagos on the 27th of September 2022, to make an award presentation to the Second Place Winner of the secondary school category in short story writing, by name Oluwanifise Adeleye.

What is the Rising Star Writing Competitions and Awards – RSWCA?

The Rising Star Writing Competitions and Awards – RSWCA, is a Pan Nigerian annual creative writing competition initiated and hosted by The Writer’s Corner organization for primary and secondary school children within the age bracket of 8 – 16 years. 

RSWCA Speech

Each year a new creative theme is published for the writing competition. Which is made open to Pan Nigerian Primary and Secondary schools and independent individuals across the country.

The forms are sold at very subsidized rates. And dates for submission of entries are announced alongside.

After the submission of entries, all submissions are accessed by our selected unbiased judges from the literacy field.

As this is concluded, the 1st to 3rd position prize winners are announced. And just like the prize presentation at the Livingsprings School, the winners’ schools are visited by the Writer’s Corner Team to present their awards and prizes.

About The Writer’s Corner

The Writer’s Corner is a Lagos-based Non-Governmental Creative Writing School for both kids between the ages of 6 – 17 years and for literacy teachers.

It is chaired by her honour, Mrs. Uchegbulam Udoji, who is a Veteran Creative Writing educator with over 18 years of creative writing teaching experience for kids and conducting seminars and workshops for teachers.

This idea was spurred by the fervent desire to reawaken the collapsing educational system in Nigeria.

The RSWCA is made possible by the unwavering support of various sponsors who have seen and bought into the dream of The Writer’s Corner. Which is to encourage the young ones to learn to maximize their creativity. Hence, encourages children to read because, by reading, their creative writing skills improve.

The RSWCA Prize Presentation Event at Livingspring High School, Awoyaya, Lagos

The award presentation event took place at the school premises, precisely the school hall, with lots of dignitaries from the school well represented. 

It had in attendance in no particular order, the executive members of the School Board, the Students of the school, and The Writer’s Corner team.

The event kicked off at 11:00 am with an opening prayer led by the Head Girl of the school. This was preceded by the Nigerian National Anthem and then the Living Springs’ School Anthem.

Epoch Speeches

To mark the official opening of the event, a grand opening speech was made by the Executive Director of the school, Mrs. Bose Obayomi.

After which Mrs. Adefuye, who led The Writer’s Corner team, gave a brief speech on behalf of the Chairperson, Mrs. Uchegbulam Udoji, who happened to be unavoidably absent.


Opening speech

In her speech, she urged the students who had expressed their annual anticipation of the event and the hope to become recognized as the emerging awardee, to keep working on self-development by reading creative books to enhance their creativity, while they await the next season of the RSWCA. Also, she encouraged them that their dream was possible if they would put in some more effort and keep striving.

Following this, the awardee, Oluwanifise  Adeleye, presented a speech expressing his profound gratitude to the organizers of the Rising star writing competition and Awards (RSWCA). And also his school for granting him the honour and privilege to participate in the Season 7 of the RSWCA.


Adeleye's appreciation speech


The RSWCA Prize Award Presentation Event is never complete without the kids from the host school showcasing their different talents and skills. 

There were sessions of entertainment inclusive of dance choreography, playing of musical instruments, and lots more.

 Everyone in attendance was greatly entertained. 

As part of the entertainment, this time by The Writer’s Corner Team, a short quiz on literacy was conducted by Mrs. Adefuye and Miss. Onyedikachi Udoji and the lucky winners were presented with gifts.

Prize Award Presentation

Finally, to crown the event, the principal awardee, Oluwanifise Adeleye, was recognized with a standing ovation as he made it to the stage to receive his well-deserved award and prize of a smart android phone. As the 2nd place winner of the Rising Star Writing Competitions and Awards Season 7 – captioned ‘Dreaming with your eyes open’.

RSWCA Season 7 Award Presentation

He was honoured by a special congratulatory message from the Executive Director of the school, Mrs. Bose Obayomi.

Closing Remarks

The event ended at 12:00pm with a closing remark and short prayer made by the Vice Principal of the Living Spring School, Awoyaya, Lagos, Mrs. Adeleye.


Which school is next? Stay glued to this page to read about the next prize presentation event coming up soon.