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The Benefits Of Creative Writing For Kids

The Benefits Of Creative Writing For Kids

The benefits of creative writing for kids are massive. They cannot be overemphasized. Exposing your child to this skill from a tender age is one of the best grooming you can give to him or her. 

This is because It’s been confirmed that writing helps to enhance a child’s cognitive abilities. And children who are exposed to creative writing have proven to also perform well in not just writing, but also in their other subjects. 

Take my story for example.

My story

Happy African Girl child

I can’t forget how my Dad always bought story books instead of biscuits and fanciful gifts each time he traveled for a conference. I got used to this unlike most kids. When packing for his trips, I would always then remind him to get me lots of story books. And I always anticipated his return. He wasn’t just getting story books for story sake, I must read all and summarize the story of each, alongside lessons learnt and my opinion/contribution. 

Initially all I wanted was just to read and be entertained. But being made to understand that if I didn’t summarize each storybook, I wasn’t going to receive more from Dad’s next trip, I formed the habit and eventually I started enjoying it. 

This proceeded from narrating orally to summarizing in exercise books. Yeah! Dad was an academician, so he surely knew his onions. These acts of his, groomed me into a great writer, reader, storyteller and creative. Such that I wrote some short stories hoping to have them published.

It boosted my confidence so well. Through this I learnt to communicate properly in the English language. Before, I usually would shy away when other kids talked at school or argued not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I wasn’t sure of how to say it. So I was what you would term timid. I even shied away from school drama for school events. When I got forced to join, I preferred roles that would be a group response. 

I was bullied until I learnt to speak up and I became the bully. Don’t judge me yet, not the bad kind of bully, I bullied the bullies. I Stood up for my mates to defend them against the class and school bullies. 

Benefits of creative writing

Benefit of creative writing - African kid & a white

Creative writing will greatly help to transform your shy/timid child. 

It will help bring out the best in them. Seeing a product of theirs motivates them and boosts their confidence. 

  • Boost their confidence.. Makes them vocal. 
  • Enhance their imaginative and creative skill
  • Improve their interest in reading
  • Improve their communication skills/abilities
  • Improves their reasoning – helps them learn to think outside the box
  • Make them happier… serves as fun and leisure activity
  • Gives them a sense of purpose 
  • Aids emotional development
  • Helps them develop language skills
  • Acts as a mode of self-expression
  • Enhances thought processing skills


At the writer’s corner, we teach kids creative writing as private and virtual lessons. Presently we have several online sessions ongoing where our tutors, who are among the best hands you can find anywhere in the world, take time to coach these kids to become great creative writers. 

We have recorded so many success stories with these sessions. We have produced a lot of great creative writers. Here are the latest creative works of two of our past successful kids. Udeh, Chikazor Helen and Udeh, Ugochi Rechael. They took our virtual Creative Writing coaching class for 6 months. After which they came up respectively with these two pieces of great works of creativity. 

creative book

Amazing right? 

We also teach the teachers that teach creative writing in schools. 

To subscribe to any of our virtual sessions/ live classes for yourself or your child, kindly reach out to us at thewriterscorner2015@gmail.com.