We run both After School courses and Holiday Workshops, in different venues in Lagos. After School clubs run according to school term calendar and Holiday Workshops are held throughout the year, during all half term breaks and in the Christmas, Easter and Summer Holidays. Our coaches, tutors and teachers have proven ability to inspire and enhance children’s creative writing, presentation, and communication skills. We also have writing and customer care programmes for corporate organizations, institutions and companies. Below are our product packages. 

Creative Writing Programme for Young Writers

Here, we offer creative writing classes for school children between ages 6 and 17. We teach them basic creative writing skills and fundamentals in a writer-friendly environment. The programme is unique, with content and outlines specifically tailored to meet the set-objectives.




Neighbourhood Kids Creative Writing Classes

Cluster of Literacy Classes in different neighbourhoods aimed at grooming children for various Entrance Examinations covering all curricula. In addition to usual literacy classes, pupils’ creative writing skills are honed.



Teaching The Teachers That Teach Creative Writing

Teaching The Teachers That Teach Creative Writing is a product of The Writers Corner, Lagos. It was designed to empower teachers of Creative Writing by educating and exposing them to the modern trends andtechniques of Creative Writing. Teachers of creative writing are , through our Course Map, offer training in general/specific methods that are age appropriate and suitable for classroom and workshop environment, thereby giving them a solid grounding in a wide variety of practical techniques for teaching creative writing at school. 


The Writer’s Corner Home Tutors

The Writers Corner Home Tutors is a special education intervention product of The Writers Corner that helps children and students of ages 6 – 13 improve their creative writing skills or overcome a special educational need. We take creative writing and literacy studies to children right in their homes. Our Home Tutors are always on hand to meet every child’s creative writing and literacy needs. Whether the child is heading for a competitive entrance to a day preparatory school or gearing up for entrance to a leading private school, our Home Tutors remain the best option.


The Writer’s Corner Adult Writing Training

Our Adult Writing Training is a personalized training programme for adults to help them improve on their Creative Writing, Literacy and spoken English skills.

Writing for Children and Teenagers was structured with maximum flexibility: Students learn at their own pace within their own schedules, and they work in the privacy of their own homes.

The cornerstone of this unique course is its personalized, one-on-one method of teaching: each student is assigned his or her own tutor and they work together to achieve the student’s goals. It is also very idea for corporate bodies with particular or specific writing or literacy needs and can be adapted for clusters.


Service Excellence Training

Designed to enhance employees knowledge, understanding and effective application of the right customer care, communication and creative writing skills and methods in order to deliver 5-Star Service at the workplace. It also exposes participants to the modern trends and techniques of Creative Writing. The Training can be adapted to suit organization’s manpower development needs – Junior, middle and top management.