How To Use Storytelling Strategy In The Classroom As a Teacher

How To Use Storytelling Strategy In The Classroom As a Teacher

Storytelling Strategy

There’s something about stories that sticks to the mind, lingering with us long after the facts have faded away. As teachers we can learn how to use storytelling strategy in the classroom, by intertwining the the lessons and skills they need to learn with a unique story.

Some teachers might wonder if it involves scheduling a separate time for storytelling or use it as fun, but there is no right or wrong method.

Here are some approaches teachers can take to include storytelling in the classroom.

For Fun, Share Your Own Stories

Depending on the class you’re teaching, you can tell them stories about when you were their age and how lessons were for you.

Share with them how many times you failed and how you got back up to succeed including the lessons you learned from such experience.

In this way you build a strong connection between you and your classroom by letting them know you can relate with them at that level.

Introduce Class Lessons With Stories

Just as we encourage students to use attention grabbing headlines when writing essays or speeches, teachers can also use storytelling to introduce lessons to the classroom.

The teacher can introduce the class lessons to the students using stories that are relevant to the topic of the day. Check out this helpful tips for teachers

Use Storytelling As Illustrations

In this instance when you find yourself trying to explain a difficult concept, one easy way out of this is to illustrate with storytelling.

Sometimes facts and figures may not be able to portray a concept, telling simple stories will make it a lot easier and relatable.

How to use Storytelling Strategy in the Classroom

Engage Reluctant Learners With Stories

Some students find it difficult connecting with school texts or some abstract concept, but when these same students are taught using stories the struggle to learn reduces. 

Through storytelling learning becomes more relevant and these reluctant learners can better engage in the class lessons. Learn to inspire them.

To Achieve Learning Objectives

Just as we teach these students to develop good writing skills, we also want them to develop good listening skills.

When storytelling is incorporated into the learning objectives of the class, the outcome is superb. The students can now remain focused when learning is going on.

And most importantly, the goal of that lesson is achieved through storytelling.

There are various genres and style of storytelling which includes true life stories, true stories from news or current events, stories from history and fictional stories amongst others.

Any of the above can be incorporated into the classroom room lessons to achieve learning objectives.

How do you incorporate storytelling in the classroom? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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