5 Ways A Parent Can Improve A Child’s Creative Writing Skill

5 Ways A Parent Can Improve A Child’s Creative Writing Skill

Creative Writing shouldn’t be left for children who are art inclined, it’s helpful to every child irrespective of age or department. It doesn’t center only on academics.

For some children writing can be very therapeutic and a way children get to express their feelings. 

As a parent, you can also improve your children’s creative writing skill by doing some of these things below

Read Bedtime Stories To Your Children

A good writer is also a good reader. As a parent who wants to improve his child’s writing skill, you could start by reading one of your child’s favourite books to them before they go to sleep.

If they’re old enough, they could also read to you. Ask about their favorite books, why they like some and not others. Check this out

Improving a child’s creating writing skill

To inspire your child to write, you might consider taking your child to see one of his favorite authors speak or a book signing.

Create a Reading And Writing Timetable

A special time can be carved out for this exercise in the midst of your child’s schedule. It shouldn’t be paired with other activities that can be draining.

This is so because reading and writing takes a lot of time and mental energy. Your child needs a cool environment where they can think freely, relax and contemplate.

Provide a Reading Environment And Writing Materials

In order to improve a child’s creative writing skills, he’ll need to have a place where he can do all his writing assignments without distraction. 

Such a place should include a desk in his bedroom which had no television in it. It should also include writing materials like.

Provide writing materials also
  1. Notebooks
  2. Pens/ Pencils
  3. A bookshelf containing variety of books
  4. An age appropriate dictionary (thesaurus) which a child can use to expand his vocabulary. Check out some reasons why writing should be taught in schools

Always Show Interest In The Child’s Work

Always encourage your child by showing real interest in stories, thoughts and ideas. You might be the only audience your child has for for some time.

To show that you’re paying attention, ask them questions about their stories, compliment them when they have done something well.

It could be when they come up with interesting characters or used a difficult word appropriately, whichever it is, encourage them by showing interest in their work.

Show interest in your child’s writing

Focus On Their Creativity Not Grammatical Error

Don’t discourage the creativity of your child by always pointing out a misspelled word, wrong punctuation or grammar.

For him to succeed he needs to learn how to experiment with different ideas think outside the box.

It’s okay to correct some spellings but at the same time praise their creative minds and talk to them about their ideas.

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