Do These 5 Things If You Want Your Child To Develop Great Creative Writing Skill

Do These 5 Things If You Want Your Child To Develop Great Creative Writing Skill

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At the Preschool level, pupils are introduced to stories through Picture books or Storytelling. It requires a child to be very imaginative so as to develop a creative writing skill.

When these stories are read aloud to them they tend to interpret the meaning of such stories more especially with pictures. It becomes easier for them to share their own stories in words. One of the reasons why writing should be taught in schools

Most times when it comes down to putting these thoughts into writing, they begin to struggle with words and making complete sentences.

Let’s look at 5 things we can do to help these children develop a creative writing skill.

Encourage Children To Speak About Their Thoughts

In this way you could start by talking to your child about the events that happened in school or during any outings with families or friends.

They’ll learn to describe events as it happened in real life and get creative when put in writing.

You could also get pictures of different events or a place, arrange them in a particular order and ask them to describe them as they see it.

Their ability to arrange these stories in a logical order will help them develop their creative writing skills when you tell them to write a story about a particular scene.

Start With 5 Words Sentences

Most time these children have so many stories and ideas to share, but might have problem putting them in writing.

Just like the first point above, children can be encouraged to share their stories verbally. 

Instead of writing the whole story at once, they could  write short sentences about parts of the stories, such a their favourite part of a place, their best place of fun, etc.

For example, The beach water was wide, etc.
When these children are encouraged to use drawings to put their thoughts down before writing, it also strengthen their creative writing skills.

Expose Your Children To More Storybooks And Educative Programs

Get more storybooks and read out to the children. It’ll expose them to more creative storylines and get them to imagine how these stories will end.

Children need go watch more educative programs on television and encouraged to talk more about them. They can develop any characters they imagine.

They always have fun imagining how these films will end or what will become of the bad guy. After this you can engage them into saying what they learnt and encouraging them to put those thoughts into writing.

Map Out Time For Spelling New Words 

When children struggle with spelling they almost often get discouraged when it comes go writing.

Children learn new words everyday as their vocabulary expands but it should in no way discourage them from writing stories even if the happen to misspell any word.

At the preschool level they’re bound to do this a lot, you only have to show them the correct spelling and how they can be used  

Developing great creative writing skills

Guide Them On The Use Of Punctuation

It’s common for these children to misplace their punctuation marks, but it would take away the fun out of writing if they’re always being pointed out.

Instead when reading storybooks with them, draw their attention to the use of full stops in every story and the use of the comma for a pause.

When writing encourage them to make short sentences and place a full stop in front of every idea the put down.

What other ways do you encourage your child to develop his/her creative writing skills?

Have you tried this methods before?
Share with us in the comment box.

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