After working hard, staying up late at night, waking up early to go to work, battling with Writers block and at long last, you’ve finished writing your book.

I know you’re eager for the next phase, because you’re like, “Now what?”. The fact is that when you finish writing a book, it’s only just the beginning.

In this article we’ll talk about the next thing you should do after writing a book. Click here

Give Yourself Space From Your Book

You need time to relax after writing a book and so does your book also. This is a way to help you get a better perspective of what the book is all about.

When you give your book some weeks or months to rest, you get new insights and a fresh perspective on what the book is all about and the places that needs adjustments.

Read Your Book

A second stage of getting a new perspective on your book is reading it from the beginning to the end. While doing so you’ll find yourself asking some questions.

It could be that you need to add some extra line here or there or you find some parts are not really necessary. It might be you need to rewrite some parts in a different way. Check this article.

Edit And Reconstruct Your Book

Now you’ve gotten a new perspective of where your book is, you can now start working on the second draft. This doesn’t include typo or grammatical errors but structure.

Now is when you write out new section to fill in the gap you found when reading your book. This is when you cut out parts that aren’t necessary and rewrite some lines for bettering understanding.

5 things you can do after writing your book

After this part, the overall look will look better than it did at first when you finished writing your book. Now you can publish or hire a Publishing firm to go on from there.

Read Other Books that Are Related To Your Genre

When you read other books relating to what you’ve written, you get to have an idea of what is in the market any how the titles of these books are constructed.

The Authors of these books may also tweet or blog about their book. Network with them and find out who their publisher is and see if you can get a recommendation.

GIve Your Book Out

In this part, you can give your book out to other people to read and proofread for you. They could include your friends, beta readers or an editor.

In this way you can now build a team that will take your book to it’s next level. While this is going on you can start writing another book.

This will also help take your mind off the other book in the hands of the editor. After this you can decide to self publish or give it out to as publishing firm.

A lot of people want to write a book but only a few actually finishes one. If you decide to self publish, you can enjoy the experience but if not give it to a publisher to do a great job for you.

Have you finished writing a book? How does it feel to be called an author? Share with us in the comments section.

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