Now you’ve gotten the perfect idea (or so you think) on how to start writing a book and the things you’ll need to know before writing that great book.

After cross checking the things you need to know before writing that book of your dreams we can now dive into how to start writing a book in 5 easy steps.

Create An Outline For Your Book

This is one of the first step you take in writing a book. Here you want to write down all the points that’s needed in your which could include the characters , scenes, story line, event and anything that makes up your book.

You’re mainly writing down all your main ideas and putting it all out on paper before grouping them into different outlines.

Let’s see outlining as a guide that could be flexible enough for later improvement or followed to the letter thereby eliminating much guesswork.

Get Into A State Of Writing

A State of writing ensures that there’s a creative flow of words when you actually start writing a book.

Some writers tend to lock up and go into what they assume to be Writers Block. Meanwhile, its also a state that writers don’t feel creative and tend to feel frozen.

To overcome this assumed state you could try going for long walks to clear your mind, socialize with friends or families, or just read a book by another author.

After doing most of these, you’ll find yourself back in a more creative state of writing as you’ve loosened up a bit. Now you can get back into writing and even write a book in a month.

Write Your First Draft

Your first draft is where the story starts to unfold as you jot down all ideas coming into your head as fast as you can.

Here your only concern should be writing all the ideas out of the best-book idea that comes with the outline you’re working with.

You don’t need to bother about how perfect your book would be, you are going to be tempted to edit, but don’t. For now, let the words flow.

Take a Break And Rewrite

Now you’re through with writing the draft, you can take some time off to chill and think about other things.

After this, you’ll be going back to your draft with a fresh eye that allows you see your work from a different perspective.

This is when you rewrite some plots and either add or fill in a gap to add more meaning to your book.

Now You Can Edit 

You might be tempted to edit and proof read your book immediately you’re through but it’s advisable to hire the services of an editor after you’ve looked through your work.

You can also share some copies to people you trust to read and give you feedbacks on it to know what your readers would love to read.

With these few tips, you should be able to start writing your book and probably have most of your ideas written down before a month. Who’s ready to start?

Share your strategies with is in the comment box below.

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