You Want To Write A Book?: 8 Easy Ways To Find The Best Book Ideas

You Want To Write A Book?: 8 Easy Ways To Find The Best Book Ideas

Regardless of how good a Writer you are, coming up with with the right book idea can be challenging, mostly when looking for the best book idea.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher, a brand new writer or a best selling author, it can be amazingly hard to find the drive needed in order to commit to writing a book.

Nevertheless, there are easy ways to find the best book ideas that can turn into a potential book or even a best seller.

As writers, we go through a lot of ups and downs as creative that makes us leave our comfort zone where we try new experiences, carrying out a number of researches on interesting topics, studying our environment and much more.

In this article, I’ve collated 8 ways you can use to find the best book idea.

Write About Someone Who Has Impacted Your Life Meaningfully

A lot of books have been written by people who share stories about their workplace. 

Some talk about how they got into that industry, what it took for them to get there or the experience of daily showing up at work.

If you’ve been working at a place long enough, you could write a book about these processes and teaching people how to become an expert in that field.

 Record Seminars You Give and Have Them Transcribed

Have you given talks or organized seminars to teach people about a specific subject matter? This is one of the 5 reasons you need to write a book as teacher

It could be related to your work or something you’re passionate about. You can get the recordings from these seminars and have them transcribed into words which can later be edited into your book.

This way your message can get to a wider audience especially to those who weren’t present at the seminar.

Write about answers to the most frequently asked questions you receive 

Every time someone asks you a question, do well to write it down especially when it’s related to your area of expertise. 

If you haven’t taken note of regular questions you get asked from friends or coworkers on a particular topic, now is a good time to start taking note.

There’s a very good chance the others out there are also asking the same questions and you writing a book on it will solve a problem.

Take an impromptu trip and write about your experience

Traveling is another way to gain new experiences especially if you’re visiting a new environment. 

It might not be as often as you like, but you can write a book about a new place you’ve been to and the experiences you’ve gathered.

No matter how modest your trip is, your book can serve as a guide to someone else.

Write about your hobbies

Everyone has a hobby, something they do for fun or relaxation. Your hobby could be making pastries, knitting sweaters or even making research.

Writing a book about it gives you an opportunity to share your ideas with others who are also interested in that same hobby.

Most times you get to sell these hobby related books to readers who wants to improve on their favorite hobbies especially if it can be monetized.

Challenge yourself to do something extraordinary, then Write about the experiences

What could you do today that would be astounding a particular group of people tomorrow?

Do something you’ve never done before, push yourself our of your comfort zone. It could be travelling round the world or participating in a competition.

You could even attempt to break a world record then share those experiences as the best book idea in a book.

Open a blog and start writing about what you’re passionate about

You can create contents in your niche and write a blog post on it. It becomes a personal journal for you.

After a period of time, once you’ve built up a quality number of posts you can then repackage them all into a book.

This method allows you write your book without much pressure in a realistic period of time, check these blogging trends to follow in 2020 if you want to remain relevant

I hope this post inspires you to write a book with some of the ideas listed here. So I challenge you to go write your book now.

Are you up for the challenge?What would you be writing about?

Share with us your best book idea in the comments box below 

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