You don’t just wake up and decide you are a writer. It needs practise, lots of it. Although, writing daily alone does not guarantee that your writing skills will improve, you need to get familiar with the different basic writing skills.

In today’s digital world, if you don’t have a writing skill you are still a learner. Yes, a learner. The skill of writing is very important when it involves marketing your content online. A well crafted content can sway your clients and readers more than millions of posts or articles.

The good news here is that you can brush up on the basics of writing on a regular basis. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 5 simple and effective writing skills that’ll help you improve the quality of your writing as soon as possible.

1. Pen down your First Draft

You will agree with me that your first drafts are not always great most times. So when you own down your first draft, give yourself the opportunity to flow with the words and edit them later on. But the important thing is to let your thoughts flow freely. As soon as you’re through writing, you can go over your work later and edit it to your taste.

2. Be expressive in Stating your Opinion

Sometimes when I’m surfing the internet and I’m yet to see what I want I quickly log out to find something more productive to do because most of the contents are dull are dull and boring. This happens when some bloggers forget to share their opinions in their writing.

Writing on a blog doesn’t have to be all formal, even if you’re writing about a serious topic or a news article. You can also be creative by expressing your ideas in a completely different manner.

3. Get a Writing Partner

No matter how good a Writer you are, you still need to get a second opinion about your content. A writing partner could simply be a friend or a writer like yourself who’ll review your content and point out areas that needs improvements.

A good idea is for you to join writing communities and attend writing workshops where you’ll network with dedicated writers of different levels.

4. Use Relatable Words

It’s fine and good to have a very powerful vocabulary. But it might be annoying to some readers who are seeking to understand and relate with your content.

Your vocabulary should be based on the type of audience you have and their level of understanding. Imagine speaking to a 15 year old teenager in the way you’ll speak to a 40 year old adult.

Most beginner writers often make this mistake in their bid to impress their audience and exercise authority. But the best way actually, is to be yourself in all simplicity.

5. Develop your Unique Writing Style

Competition abounds everywhere a particular skill is in high demand, most especially Writing. There are so many content out here on the internet, that the only way to know if your readers read your articles over others is because they’re sincerely following you.

As a Writer, you need to develop your unique writing style, tone of writing and skill to deliver your message across. I always tell my students how I want go hear their voice when I’m reading a piece of their content.

Even if you’re new to writing, you’ll eventually find your voice and as you gain experience with more practise, you’ll eventually develop your unique writing style.

The skill of writing cannot be over emphasised in every content marketing strategy. The mode in which you lass across your message to your readers will determine the success or failure of your strategy. Apply these 5 simple and effective writing skills to spice up your writing skills and kindly give us a feedback.

What other strategies do you use and how effective have they been for you? Please share with us in the comment box.

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