Month: November 2019



If you’re blogging about people, products or places you know so much about, you may be looking for an original way to write about such. If your blog is a niche blog, you might be restricted to a subject area.

I’ve been in positions where I’m confused about what to write about as I write on a niche blog, so I’ve tried out some few things and with the insights gotten from my research. Below are what I came up with

1. Review a Book Related to your Niche

There are lots of books you read out there which we can also review and draw inspiration from. It could be an old book of yours or a new book you’ve purchased. As far as it’s related go your niche, after reading it you’ll find different ideas jumping out at you for you to write about.

2. Use a Weekly Theme

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, you could choose any day in the week and a topic to always write on that niche. If you specialize in shoes, you could create a theme like Confidence Thursday Post. Or if you specialize in food, you could have a theme like Appetizing Monday Post. Just make it a weekly post on the niche you blog about.

3. Create a Seasonal Post

This type of post should come up on a particular season of the year. Posts with headlines like, Recipes for Christmas Dinner, How to keep your children and wards engaged during long vacation,  The best place to be this Easter, and so on. Whatever your blog topic is, create a sensational post to attract visitors.

4. Write a How to Post

Whatever you know how to do very well can be very easy to teach others. You can write about one of them to educate others on it.

5. Make a List Post

Just like this post you’re reading, there are also other examples like “5 must have equipment you need to have as a YouTuber” “10 trends to follow as a blogger”, etc.

6. Make a Video

Anything can interest you at different points in time, you could be walking down the street, or partying at a club, or just having a solemn moment alone. Its quite easy to pick up your phone to record a video. After recording you can upload it to YouTube and then insert that video into your blog.

7. Ask for a Guest Post

You could ask a fellow blogger who is more experienced than you are to guest post for you. Or if you can afford it you pay someone to do so for you.

8. Read a Book

There are some books you’ve probably read that didn’t just register with you or a book you’ve been meaning to read but you’ve not read yet. Now’s the time to get one of them, with a pen and jotter besides you, you can jot down ideas as they come.

9. Ask your readers what they want to read next on your blog

After making a post, its always advisable to encourage our readers to leave a comment or reply. You could listen to their responses and then create your next content.

10. Search for Ideas on Pinterest

It doesn’t pay to copy someone else’s content, rather you draw inspiration from it and create yours. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for your blog posts.

With these places I’ve listed above I do hope you never run out of blog ideas. What other places do you get your blog ideas from?Kindly share with us in the comments section. Also, if this post have been valuable to you, feel free to share it on your social media networks.