Most of you writers have plans to birth your own book while others have written one already or are in the process of writing one. But most of you worry so much on how to market and sell these books or where to sell them before the book is completed.

No matter what kind of book you’re writing (or have written), you need to market your book yourself as a writer in order to reach a wider audience.

In this article I’ve listed and discussed 6 helpful tips you can follow to go about the promotion of your books to the right audience for increased sales. The aim is to sell your book to one person who needs it and then repeat the process, but faster than you think. Don’t be surprised to find yourself becoming a best selling author.

Start by Creating your Brand early

This is very important for all writers, most especially when you’re planning on releasing a book. Your audience and potential reader who are interested in reading your book will want to learn more about you.

You need to build a relationship with them before you start writing the book, and as you research and write, pay attention to those that are greatly enthusiastic about your upcoming book. Cultivate a brand persona and control what people see and know about you.

Target the right Audience for Marketing

How will you market your book if you don’t know the right audience you’re writing for? Where do they get recommendations for new books? If they’re mostly online, would they want to see a review of your book? 
Knowing every details about your audience will help you in the right targeting for a successful marketing.

Create an Email List

Your readers might not be able to keep checking your cites for new updates or watch out for your posts. However, if you have a list of all their email addresses you can send them updates via email. In this way, you are able to keep in touch with people who are genuinely interested in you.

Creating an email list is a sure way to secure the sakes of your current and future books. Here, you get to build real relationships with your email subscribers and convert them to paying customers. Once you sign up for an email marketing service such as Convertkit or MailChimp, you’ll have access to a sign up box that you can add directly to your website.

Remember to send out weekly or monthly updates to your list by sharing about your upcoming book or promotion.

Get Book Reviews from Amazon and other Influencers

Search out book reviewers and bloggers who read work from your niche and start asking for reviews and blurbs six to time months before the book is due to appear in stores. You could send a PDF containing your bio, a table of content and the first two chapters, but you’ll have to check first with your publisher as they’re afraid your book will be stolen if you send out the entire book.

You should also aim at getting at least 15 reviews from Amazon as their reviews are always effective.

Also, approach the influencers in your field and don’t be afraid to ask for both reviews and blurbs. No matter how busy they are they might still be able to write down few sentences.

Secure various Speaking Engagements

Having published your book, you are already seen as an author in that field. You are in a better position to speak at various conferences and organizations where you can share this and more insights that concerns issues relating to your field. You should be ready to give a 45 minutes presentation, after which it’s advisable to familiarity with the audience. Also, you could set up a table at a corner of the room where you or one of your own team members sells your books.

Build awareness through Facebook Marketing

First of all, you need a Facebook business page, not your personal profile. This is free on Facebook and can be gotten no. You’ll need to spend money to market yourself and your book, even if you spend $5 a day alone to promote your book, the most important thing is it’ll place you in front of a larger audience.

When marketing on Facebook, these are steps to follow.

• Choose a target audience that’s interested in your field. • Run an ad that targets these audiences and their interests. • Link your ad to the excerpt page on your website, which contains a link to your books Amazon Sales Page. • Regulate the costs of running the ads by running it on specific time and days. • For your call to action use ads to push click-throughs to your website.

Be sure to follow your promotion plan at least an hour a day till your book comes out. Follow up and consistency are the key to successful book promotion.

Which other tips do you use in your book promotion? How have the results been so far? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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