It could be that you’ve just started a blog newly or you’re already an old hand at it. These fine constant rules to successful blogging should be given the utmost attention for optimal results.

1. Focus/ Attention

You need to pay serious attention to your blog while making sure your blog is properly niche so you can focused on one particular thing instead of going round in circles. If your blog doesn’t focus on any niche in particular, it would be hard to identify your target audience. But if it does your readers will keep returning to your blog when they see how it solves their problem.

2. Quality/Excellence

It’s not all about the amount of content you produce on a daily basis. The quality of your content needs to be top notch, well written and properly linked if a reference is made. Don’t overlook this rule if you aim to monetize your blog.

3. Value

What solutions are you giving out that helps solves your readers problems? What can you teach them? You could also create simple tutorials or how to posts that combines both videos and other visuals to enable your readers understand some concepts more clearly. Value should always come first.

4. Engagement

How do you engage your readers on each content you out out there? Does your blog attract readers to read your articles or watch your videos? Do you use well placed call to actions (CTA) that compels them to leave a comment or share your blog post? The higher the engagement on your content, the more likely it’ll be for your readers to buy anything you’re selling to them. For without engagement, the chance of monetization is low.

5. Authority

How well known are you in your field? What are you an expert at? Because the more authority you have in a specific niche the more likely you are to monetize your blog. For instance, if you’re a best selling author or an expert in a field like creative writing and you’re already an authority in that field, all that’s left for you is to leverage on it. If you have a large Social Media following or an active Facebook group and you decide to launch a blog or already have one, you can drive traffic quickly from there to your blog.

These rules have been a helpful guide to me in this blogging journey but I’ll love to know what other rules you follow that’s made your blogging successful. Kindly share with us in the comments section and share this post with others if it has benefited you in one way or the other.

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