We all know that content is King (or Queen). It is the value in your content that drives traffic to your site. It also helps in building your brand awareness.
Here are four helpful tips to help you create engaging contents:

Identify and understand your target audience 
Before you write that amazing article, take a minute to identify who you’re writing it for. You could ask some basic questions like:
Are your target audience College students, Teachers, Business men, Professionals or marketers?What do they need? Create content that will help them. When do they come online? Publish at those times. Where do they hang out, work or live?Why do they come online? To socialize, get entertained or seek a particular information.

Create attention grabbing headlines
You need to create an important first impression to your readers. You probably have an amazing content but if your headline doesn’t grab your readers attention, they’ll probably scroll through your article without stopping by. There are so many different ways to write an engaging headline, but here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing:

>Ask questions to make them pause and think : Which don’t style do you prefer on your book cover design? >Use a “How to” headline: How to rank high on Google search using these 3 methods: >Use numbers to let them know what to expect: 5 reasons why you’re not making sales.

Always follow the trends
When creating content, learn to pay attention to current news and trending events. They make it easier for you to think of new ideas. This also means that you already have a audience who are already interested in your content.

Use attractive Visuals
Using visuals is one sure way of creating a great first impression in the minds of your readers. We as humans tend to process visual content faster than written content. Also visuals like pictures, videos, infographics or Gifs tend to be more engaging and memorable.

There are websites like freenaturestock.com, pexels.com, freestockphotos.com and lots of others that provide free stock photos and videos that are very professional. You can log on to these sites and purchase them if you don’t have the skills or equipment to create your own visual content.

Creating engaging content might not as easy as it sounds but the traffic it brings into your website makes it worth your while. Apply these tips to create high engaging contents that your readers will also feel compelled to share.

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