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Can you imagine a story with just one character?. Can you imagine as narrator droning on and on, describing what happened and what is going to happen?

Wouldn’t you rather those plots in the story were.played out by different characters?. Each wwith their own part and actions to take?

The roles of dialogues in a story cannot be over emphasised. Below are some of the reasons why..

It develops the characters.
In every good story, at least one of the characters should undergo a change of temperament. For instance, a character in your story might start out being happy on his way to work but return home angry. This change might be due to the events that took place between the time he left for work and the time he returned home. Using dialogues will show these changes such as who the character spoke with or who he related with that day and how these changes came about.

It brings about action
Just imagine reading a story or script where the narrator recites a story line step by step, describing what each character says and does. Obviously, it would be easier if each character had their own lines and act when it’s their turn to do so. Using dialogues will make the story more active and dynamic.

It helps in visualizing a scene
Using dialogues paints a picture of what is happening in a story instead of telling it or narrating it. It brings the characters to life and clearly shows what is happening in the story. A good dialogue in a story captures our attention, helps us imagine a scene better and enables is make our own conclusions about it.

With these few points I’ve made you will see what the effects of dialogues in short stories cannot be over emphasised..

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  1. Yeah! Dialogues are very important in every piece of writing. They actually give life to a story. Thumbs up ma’am and keep up the good work.

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