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Some people still view education as learning how to read and write. Whereas almost every child going to school can read and write. But when it comes to creative writing, it’s a different story. Some of our kids don’t find it interesting, they might say to themselves, “I can write well enough to pass my assignments or to pass an examination”.

Some creative writers have developed different teaching methods that will inspire children to write and also assist parents with these methods. Five of these methods will be discussed in this article.

Gather every item a child is really interested in and put into a box with his name on it. Some boys are interested sports, superheroes in movies and games. If some of these items are not available, you can also get pictures of these things and create a word card with them.

You can ask a child to pick one favorite item from the box and her to write anything she can think of about that item. In this way they develop ideas and write in a way that is unique to them.

When discussing with your children, you can steer the conversation into areas of writing but it shouldn’t be based on academics. Ask them how they feel about writing and listen to what they have to say. You’ll find out that last of these children face the problem of what to write and where to get ideas

In the classroom, the teacher might set aside a particular time in the school time table for writing and to some of these children that time might not be enough for them to come up with what to write.

In such cases, you have to encourage them to write daily of what they think and feel and also design strategies that will increase their zeal for writing.

Keeping a diary involves putting down everything important that happens to a person. It could be daily or weekly. When a child is encouraged to write daily, providing him or her with a diary or journal where he can record important details will go a long way in boosting a child’s morale.

Initially, he or she will start writing for themselves alone. Then little by little they’ll start developing the confidence to start writing for other people to read and comment.

Some children might not have a pen and a notepad handy when an idea pops into their head. And by the time they come into contact with one, they might have forgotten that idea. But with the help of modern technology we can avoid this.

You can provide them with a recording device that will enable them record their ideas as it comes to them and also provide them with iPads which has some installed apps they can quickly type down their ideas and thoughts.

This will encourage them to keep writing as they record more ideas for later editing.

Just like a saying goes, ‘Practise what you preach’, you have to be doing what you want your children to do. They see you and model some of your actions.

Your children should see you writing in order for them to also develop that interest. It’ll encourage them a lot and make them more creative. You could even organise a writing contest between you and your child for fun sake.

I hope you try these methods with your children and see how to get their creative juices running.

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  1. The five tips given are particularly helpful especially the one that encourages children to keep a diary.The innovation of the writers corner is commendable.My children are proof of Mrs Udoji’s expertise.

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