Skills Children Can Acquire During the Holiday

Skills Children Can Acquire During the Holiday

As a parent, you would think to allow your children to attend summer schools after the close of the school session is the best decision any parent could make. If you are confused let me help you to clear your doubt, “Yes maybe” but the big question now is, do you want to be a parent-full parent or a thoughtful, smart and lovely one?

My point is, don’t bore your children or make their holiday an uninteresting one, not different from when school was in session. I mean, give them a break and let them have fun, learn something new that would impact their future.

There are skills children can acquire during the holiday that will give them an assured future and even be of help to you as their mother. My cousin started practicing horticulture in their house when she was 10 years old; she would plant 5 seeds a day to form flowers all around the house. At first, when she started, it caused a fuss. Everyone one thought she just loved playing with dirt. She said she said she loves flowers and would love to be a horticulturist when she grows up and this caused everyone to panic even more. But when the flowers started growing and every passerby started to admire her parents’ beautiful garden, we thanked her and anticipate the result of every of her move after that.

Most parents care a lot about their kids, also you should not be harsh on them, let your children acquire a skill during the holiday. What is the worst that can happen? He/she won’t want to be a Doctor anymore? Let us give them a chance to become whatever they want to be.

Here are the skills children can acquire during the holiday 

  Check these ones out:

  • How to make Confectioneries: Confectioneries like; baking of cakes and cookies, making sandwiches and pancakes. This will help them improve their baking and cooking skills. It will also teach them to take up responsibilities  like home cleaning and basic cooking.
  • How to use a sewing machine to mend clothes. Mostly all girls are to know this but why should they care when Mummy is going to do it for them. Let them at least know how to join their torn clothes together and then go further to make a handkerchief and pillow case.
  • Computer training. No doubt they teach children Computer system in Schools but let them really know how to setup computer components, plus using it to type and use basic Microsoft packages.
  • Horticulture. Let them start like that my cousin; make the compound their little garden. They need to know how to plant a seed and then transfer the plants from nursery to the garden.
  • Use Simple tools. Let them know how to put pieces of furniture together. This is why they have those house building puzzles to play with, in their toddler days, right? You could teach them to build a little pen house for themselves.
  • Sports. They are obviously taught in schools too but let them have a team too outside School. It will increase their improvement in the School games and then open their eyes to wide chances. Get a very good coach to teach them sports like; football and tennis, swimming and surfing. Don’t leave the girls out of this too.
  • Art: Arts and drawing is a way to help increase a child’s creativity.  Don’t you feel like you should know your child’s drawing ability? You can take them to a natural reserve , a garden and let them draw the scene. 

It’s time to make their holidays an exciting and interesting one while they are having fun and learning new skills. 

I know those skills sound like fun, but, hey watch out, it just might be you helping them find their passion by making use of these tips about skills children can acquire during the holiday.

  Good luck!

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