Back To School Checklist For Students

Back To School Checklist For Students

It’s funny how time flies, it’s Just like yesterday, the long end of the session holiday is about to be over and It has been a mix of fun, stress and excitement all the way. Fun in the sense that the holiday period is a period for games, play and fun for children and their parents. Also, it is also a time for vacation and bonding for parents whose children are in boarding schools or who studies far from their parent. On the contrary, it is also the most stressful period for parents due to the energy involved in having to ensure children are well behaved.

However, there’s good news to parents and guardians, relief is on the way. Yes, you heard me, School resumes in less than three weeks, YAY! Drums rolls, bells ringing, hands clapping, yes finally we can go back to our normal lives. Well isn’t that how we all feel? The teachers our Super Heroes are about to save the day. I’m sure 80 per cent of parents and guidance, especially the mothers can’t wait for this most important date in the world to come fast, Yeah you heard me, it’s the resumption date. So while we are waiting for schools to resume, It is essential for us to prepare and to avoid the late hour rush. So having back to school checklist is a good way to start preparations for the new academic year. There is no doubt that the next two week will be a busy one as markets and shopping malls will be filled with parents and guardians trying to get school items for the next academic year.

Is this time and you are stuck on what to get? You don’t need to rack your head, we’ve got you covered, So here are the items that you should consider in your back to school checklist to enable you to plan better.

1. Textbooks, notebooks and dictionary – This is one of the most important checklists. Often times, the list of books would be provided by the school so as to get the right recommendation for each subject.
2. Mathematics sets – This tool is needed for day to day school activities.
3. School Bags – This is need keep their books, personal properties etc
4. Water bottle –  Ensure this comes in a very colourful design. children love to have their personal items come with their favourite character or colours)
5. Erasers 
6. Lunch bag and box: In your child’s checklist this might probably come first, so it’s important to get them along when getting this
7. Pencils, pencil cases and coloured pencils.
8. Crayons
9. Cutlery – 
10. Pair of new socks and shoes
11. School uniforms and sport wears
12. White Canvass
13. Toiletries
14. Drawing books and colours 

P. S other items that may be needed in the latter part of the term are mainly for extra curriculum activities such as ;
-Cultural day
-valentine or agape day
– swimming
-karate. Etc

Parents should ask for the particular extra curriculum activities the school will be participating in during the term.

Happy resumption!

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