The Writers Corner Young Writers Camp (TWC Writers Camp)

The Writers Corner Young Writers Camp (TWC Writers Camp)

The Writers Corner Young Writers Camp is an annual Summer camp for primary and secondary school children to help them maximize their creative writing skills. It’s usually a fun and educative time for children to explore Exciting stories, fictions, Creative Non- Fictions, Poems, Playscripts and many more.

The Writers Corner Young Writers Camp is targeted at children to help them discover their potential through practical and creative writing which in turn help them develop their educational and creative writing capacity.

We encourage children to create their own ideas, help Children developed their ideas, create fantastic stories, then based on their story, we assist them to create characters for their stories. This greatly helps them to have a sense of success and in the process of makes them great writers, bloggers, editors, novelist, poets, playwrights and much more.

Other interesting parts of the Writers Corner Young Writers Camp includes the Handwriting Drills, traditional storytelling. They also had the opportunity to extend the story, describe the setting, discussed their favourite characters, they were able to bring out the morals from the stories, they were also able to express other ways it could have turned out and we also encourage them to attempt to critique of the story! 

The Writers Corner Young Writers Camp is not just another activity for children to engage them during the holiday, It is a deliberate and well-structured program that helps children to maximize their full potentials.

All these couldn’t have happened without the leadership of Uche Udoji for creating such a fantastic platform for fun and learning for children during the holiday.

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