How To Bring The Best Out Of Your Kids During The holidays

How To Bring The Best Out Of Your Kids During The holidays

The Holiday period is that time of the year when all kids from Kindergarten to Secondary school and even the higher institution are back home. It is the period where some become twenty four hours home warmers, bed warmers, food eaters, noise makers and in most cases just another piece of furniture in the parlour.

As much as parents love and adore their children, some parents, especially those who work full time or round the clock find the holiday period very threatening. This is so because, the issue of what to occupy the kids with at this special period becomes essential. The most important solution to this pressing issue is making the most out of your during this period by bringing the best out of them.

How to bring the best out of your children during holidays

1.) Summer school and camps: A very popular option for parents is to enrol your kids in summer school and summer camps. Most schools offer summer classes and camps for students to engage not just in academic activities,  but in leisure, sports, games and craft. In this case, kids get to have fun and interact with other kids especially if summer school is done in a different school, from the one they usually attend.

2.)Holiday time with relatives: I know a lot of parents are skeptic about this alternative. However,  it is a very good option. A change of environment is always good for children especially during the holiday season. With this option kids get to spend quality family time with other family relations like grandparents, aunties and uncles etc They might also be engaged in new activities and might pick up new knowledge about their cultural heritage.

3.) Vocational school: Vocational school is very very important during the holiday period. Getting a vocation in life is very essential and early acquisition is even better. What better time would children have than the holidays. Some vocation skills for kids could include; music, catering, carpentry, make up and Gele tying, fashion designing and tailoring, hair dressing, photography, graphics designing and Information technology skills.

4.) Parent-Partnership: I call this the parent partnership because it involves different parents coming together to prepare group activities for their children. It usually involves the parents taking turns on a number of fun and leisure activities. The active parents will be those who probably work from home or are home makers has they’ll have more time for the kids and the passive are the round the clock workers who come up with support such as finance and ideas on what to do. So, I’m this case the parents are partnering and each have a roll to play to enhance the best holiday experience for their kids.

5.) Book Clubs: There is a popular saying that reading is one of the most important skills you need to acquire in life. However, depending on the personality of the child, a book club might just be a great avenue for making the most out of the child during holidays. This is so because, it is a good medium through which kids can get to read and discuss about books they love and have interest in with other kids of their peers. This will go a long way in building the child’s confidence, Essential learning will be acquired and intellectual skills will be built or improved. Further more they get to read for pleasure which will impact positively in their life long knowledge.

When it comes to kids and holiday time, making the most and bringing out the best out of a child is essential.

Above all know your kid’s interest, know what they like, what they want and channel their energy into doing something productive that flows with their interest. Remember we learn everyday and a holiday should be a period for exciting engagement and learning.

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